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David Bowie’s links to Maesteg!

On Friday February 16th, Paul Roberts, former frontman of THE STRANGLERS brings his new show “Let’s Dance” in honour of David Bowie, (with songs from 12 of Bowie’s Classic Albums!) to Maesteg Town Hall. But did you know that the connections between Bowie and Wales go back further?

WalesOnline claimed that “just like Kylie Minogue, the rock superstar, David Bowie can trace his family roots to Maesteg.” Https://

And Britain’s biggest rock star has even visited the valley! This is counted by one local fan who is lucky enough to meet at the Old House, Llangynwyd.

‘David Bowie gets lunch at the Old House.’ It’s not something you hear every day. A friend made me the news. His exact words were ‘there’s a pop singer Zowie Bowie up’. Being hard to believe, I got my engines and drove, at a speed to Langynwyd. As he walked into the bar he was referred to the patio and incredibly, my hero was sitting there with a wife in a deep conversation. I settled down at a nearby table in a glorious sun.

I thought that random intervention would not work if I was going to talk to it. Following food, he went up to the bar. Gosh was bad – he could have done seriously with eating more of his chips – he had on green trousers and an orange jacket burned over his shoulders over white. Taking advantage of my convenience when I was away, I asked the woman who was with her if it was fine, now that the food was finished, to talk to. After he returned, he asked for him and told me. Hello said and I tried to co-ordinate myself by congratulating him on his recent wedding to Iman, fortunately I had seen the pictures in the Hello magazine in the treatment so that we could further comment on how beautiful it looks. He said he was the most popular man in the world and could not be happier. Her eyes shine on this and I had the opportunity to look at them and yes, they are actually two different colours. I asked him why he was in Maesteg and added if she was to see her fan number 1, – “me?” He responded to his watchman that the reason was only the reason but that did not expand on the real explanation. In that short minute, I can see that he is a very warm and friendly man.

Tickets to “LET’S DANCE: Paul Roberts sing David Bowie” are £ 20.50, available from field and Maesteg Library: 01656 815995