Geraint Jarman

19th Jul

We’re delighted to welcome Geraint Jarman, the godfather of Welsh rock, punk poet and influential Welsh language artist to Maesteg Town Hall this Summer! Geraint Jarman should be a key figure in any appraisal of Cardiff’s contribution to music.

There is no-one who can match Geraint Jarman’s immense and continuing effect and influence on Welsh language music over the past half a century. As a highly original composer, poet, performer and television producer he has had a defining effect on every decade of the story of Welsh language youth culture. In 2018 Jarman released his latest album Cariad Cwantwm exactly forty years since 1978’s classic era-defining Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land of My Fathers ) If Cool Cymru has a starting point then it is to be found within the grooves of this record. Onstage the live Geraint Jarman experience is a blistering, exuberant mix of the classic old and the searching new in a setlist that spans the decades and gives us rock, new wave, reggae, dub, pop and country rock.

Maesteg Town Hall

Tickets: £14.00

Ticket Status: Available

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